Laguna de Tacarigua National Park

The Lagoon of Tacarigua is a coastal lagoon that constitutes a lagoon separated from the sea by a restinga, and which also possesses a high productivity, manifested in its numerous marine resources, beautiful landscapes which enhance with their colors the potential of the lagoon for tourism and recreation. The Laguna de Tacarigua, like other lagoons […]


It is located between the states of Barinas, Mérida and Táchira. A thick fog that practically floods its forests until well into the morning. WEATHER Average temperatures between 12 and 30º C. SURFACE It has an area of ​​205,000 ha. CREATION It was declared a national park on January 14, 1993. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Geological and […]

National Park Terepaima

NATIONAL PARK TEREPAIMA Lara State, located in the central-western region of the country, is a Federal Entity representative of the arid provinces in which there are still remnants of humid mountain forests, which exert beneficial influences on the water regime and on other natural resources. A considerable extension of its territory presents conditions of great aridity […]


Singular scenic beauties; Abundant orchids of genus Cattleya that adorns the trees. In its adjacencies is the mighty waterfall called San Miguel. It is essential as a water resource because of it are born important streams and rivers that will feed the rich agricultural area of ​​Portuguesa. WEATHER Its temperature is 19 ° C. at […]


The Juan Crisóstomo Falcón National Park is located in the Sierra de San Luis, which belongs to the Coriano mountain system also known as the Sierra de Coro. Its mountains are of varied reliefs with gentle undulations to steep slopes. The highest height is occupied by the Galicia hill in the western sector of the […]

National Park Médanos de Coro

Desert, characterized by a constant breeze coming from the East. Its fine unstable sand is rough to the touch and is conducive to slip. As the park is close to the city of Coro, visitors can visit the city, the first founded on the mainland and the first capital of the old Province of Venezuela. […]