Mariusa National Park

The Mariusa National Park impresses with its exuberant landscape beauty. Located in the center of the Orinoco Delta, where the largest river in Venezuela faces its labyrinth of pipes to the cold waters of the Atlantic. Pure jungle and rich lands with marked tides that rise and fall, are the characteristics of this area of ​​the country. […]


A particularity of this park is the abundance of macaws, parrots, parakeets, parakeets and parrots that at breeding season can be seen in flocks looking for food for their chicks and the constant noise of the call of the young; this unique spectacle can be appreciated without having to enter the forest. It is necessary and timely […]

San Esteban National Park

Jungles, coastal landscapes and Islands. This National Park includes terrestrial and marine environments of great importance and extraordinary beauty. It is created with the purpose of protecting and preserving biological, cultural, historical and scenic resources of national and international importance and relevance. As well as the preservation of the high basins of important rivers such as Patanemo, […]