El Ávila National Park

A set of mountain landscapes where the marked changes of relief allow observing a variety of natural environments crossed by gorges, which in some cases form small waterfalls that invite the enjoyment of nature and recreation. The landscape complements the set of fortifications and castles that date from the colonial era, as well as petroglyphs. […]

Yurubi National Park

Beautiful mountain area covered with wooded vegetation where several rivers and streams are born, serving as a habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna, you can see a panoramic view of the Yaracuy valleys. GENERAL INFORMATION   Historical review North of San Felipe, capital of the State of Yaracuy, there is a mountainous […]

Guaramacal National Park

Narrow and deep valleys, low fertility soils and amazing caves. It also has waterfalls and lagoons among which the Laguna de Los Cedros stands out at 1,800 meters above sea level, with green waters, surrounded by a dense forest. Numerous rivers and tributaries of the Boconó River, which feeds the Boconó – Tucupido reservoir, are born in […]


Following the course of the main channel that covers the island of Turuépano, you reach the sea and the Antica island. Fascinating corners are Caño Viejo and Laguna Blanca, places where many birds live, it is a spectacle to hear their trills and see them take flight. The Turuépano National Park is an encounter between […]

Laguna de la Restinga National Park

More than 2,300 ha. of mangroves grow in the lagoon and of its hundreds of channels twenty of them are open to the visitor. La Laguna de La Restinga has a jetty where the boat ride through the mangrove channels is facilitated. The observation of nature and the enjoyment of the beaches are two good alternatives for […]

El Guácharo National Park

In it is one of the most spectacular caves in the world due to its length and dimensions, which has a large number of salons. Hear the squawking of approximately 10,000 guácharos that live in the limestone rocks that at nightfall leave the cave in search of food. GENERAL INFORMATION   Historical review The economic growth […]

Laguna de Tacarigua National Park

The Lagoon of Tacarigua is a coastal lagoon that constitutes a lagoon separated from the sea by a restinga, and which also possesses a high productivity, manifested in its numerous marine resources, beautiful landscapes which enhance with their colors the potential of the lagoon for tourism and recreation. The Laguna de Tacarigua, like other lagoons […]


It is located between the states of Barinas, Mérida and Táchira. A thick fog that practically floods its forests until well into the morning. WEATHER Average temperatures between 12 and 30º C. SURFACE It has an area of ​​205,000 ha. CREATION It was declared a national park on January 14, 1993. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Geological and […]

National Park Terepaima

NATIONAL PARK TEREPAIMA Lara State, located in the central-western region of the country, is a Federal Entity representative of the arid provinces in which there are still remnants of humid mountain forests, which exert beneficial influences on the water regime and on other natural resources. A considerable extension of its territory presents conditions of great aridity […]


Singular scenic beauties; Abundant orchids of genus Cattleya that adorns the trees. In its adjacencies is the mighty waterfall called San Miguel. It is essential as a water resource because of it are born important streams and rivers that will feed the rich agricultural area of ​​Portuguesa. WEATHER Its temperature is 19 ° C. at […]