All photographs on this website have been taken by the members of CLEXAR.

Wallpaper or wallpaper of beaches, tepuyes, rivers, mountains, and all the beautiful places we have photographed from Venezuela.

Tarantula that was in our camp of the Duro Chuao Edo Jump. Aragua Wallpaper

Naiguata Peak, El Ávila National Park

 Due to the large number of people who have written to us from abroad telling us that they miss Venezuela, we have decided to include these musical themes that are like our unofficial anthems. (The themes are in midi format so they are very small but very low quality) Venezuela (P. Herrero) (35 kb)

Caballo Viejo (Simón Díaz) (82 kb)

The Gray Zuliana (Ricardo José Aguirre) (13 kb)

Alma Llanera (Juan Vicente Torrealba) (20 kb)

Waterfall of 41 meters in San Casimiro Edo. Aragua Wallpaper

Kukenan tepui

Kukenan Tepui

The Gran Sabana Wallpaper

Kukenen Tepui

Lake in the Tepui Roraima Wallpaper

Jasper Creek

Jasper Creek

The Gran Sabana Wallpaper

Casa Arapan, La Gran Sabana

La Gran Sabana, House near Arapan Meru Wallpaper

Aguila, La Gran Sabana

The Gran Sabana eagle Wallpaper

Wallpaper of beaches and sunsets   Wallpaper 

Sierra Nevada National Park

Mérida , Sierra Nevada National Park.  Wallpaper

Flowered frailejon, Sierra Nevada National Park

Merida , Frailejón flowered Wallpaper

Hotel Isla Bonita, Isla de Margarita Wallpaper

The Chumahoma, Travesia, Sierra Nevada National Park

Mérida , Sierra Nevada National Park. La Chumahoma (The Journey) Wallpaper

Humboldt Peak, Sierra Nevada National Park

Mérida , Sierra Nevada National Park. View of the Humboldt Peak  Wallpaper

Roraima Tepui, Vegetation

Roraima Tepui. Only nature can make such a perfect arrangement Wallpaper

Expeditionary Group, in El Quino, Camino Socopo – La Mocui Wallpaper

Los Nevados, Mérida Wallpaper

Kama Meru, The Great Savannah. Pa wallpaper

Suroape , La Gran Sabana Papel tap iz

Tobogán de la Selva, Puerto Ayacucho Wallpaper

The Gran Sabana , Ilu Tramen and Karauren Wallpaper

National Shrine Our Lady of Coromoto, Guanare, Portuguesa State Wallpaper

City in Miniature, State Mérida Wallpaper

Santo Domingo Dam, Mérida State. Wallpaper

Diary of the Expedition Araira-Camino Inca-Machu Picchu (August 2002) Wallpaper

Beaches of VenezuelaWallpaper

Beaches of Venezuela Wallpaper

Daily of my trip in auto stop for South America during three months. Wallpaper

National Parks and Natural Monuments of Venezuela