Yurubi National Park

Beautiful mountain area covered with wooded vegetation where several rivers and streams are born, serving as a habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna, you can see a panoramic view of the Yaracuy valleys. GENERAL INFORMATION   Historical review North of San Felipe, capital of the State of Yaracuy, there is a mountainous […]

Guaramacal National Park

Narrow and deep valleys, low fertility soils and amazing caves. It also has waterfalls and lagoons among which the Laguna de Los Cedros stands out at 1,800 meters above sea level, with green waters, surrounded by a dense forest. Numerous rivers and tributaries of the Boconó River, which feeds the Boconó – Tucupido reservoir, are born in […]


Following the course of the main channel that covers the island of Turuépano, you reach the sea and the Antica island. Fascinating corners are Caño Viejo and Laguna Blanca, places where many birds live, it is a spectacle to hear their trills and see them take flight. The Turuépano National Park is an encounter between […]

El Guácharo National Park

In it is one of the most spectacular caves in the world due to its length and dimensions, which has a large number of salons. Hear the squawking of approximately 10,000 guácharos that live in the limestone rocks that at nightfall leave the cave in search of food. GENERAL INFORMATION   Historical review The economic growth […]