Henri Pittier National Park

Cloudy jungles, dry forest and beaches. It is the first National Park that was decreed in Venezuela in 1937, in order to protect the natural resources of the region: it was created under the name of Rancho Grande, through a later Decree changed this name to Henri Pittier’s In recognition of who made a remarkable […]


Located in the physiographic region of the Eastern Chain of the Cordillera de la Costa. It includes a coastal and insular marine region where you can find beaches, gulfs, bays and inlets of great scenic beauty and important sea beds, with the presence of coral communities of great richness and biological diversity. GENERAL INFORMATION Historical […]


The fantastic representative mosaic of the most important natural areas of Venezuela was not as complete as a whole until a part of the extraordinary landscape of the plain was incorporated into the system of National Parks of Venezuela. These immense flat lands occupy an enormous geographic space, which supposes more than a third of […]